Tuesday 7 September 2010

Pixie Lake

The road from the main to the put-in is overgrown and has two large deep puddles. We waded in to test the depth before putting the Tracker in 4 wheel drive and fording through. At the lake edge a swarm of wasps arrived to examine the hot vehicle.

I stood back nervously but James was brave.

After a few minutes the wasps lost interest and we put out onto a strange and eerie world. the shoreline bristled with dead trees, watershield decomposed under the sun, dark deep water slid under our hulls.

We did not see any pixies, but at one point James commented that it was the sort of place you thought you might look into the water and see ghostly white faces looking back with dead eyes.

Memorable would be a word to describe the experience.

Here is a photo album of the paddle: http://www.homestead.com/rrpowell/files/PixieLake


  1. It's wonderful how each Lake you explore has it's own character/feeling.
    I don't get the same "feeling" her in Pixie Lake as I do in your Fairy Lake....but it feels beautiful and enchanted all the same.
    How I wish I had more time to explore my lakes close to me:) One day...
    Happy day to you!

    (oh- I posted the recipe- let me know if it works:)

  2. Here is a link to my favorite lakes I have ventured in to so far:

  3. Thanks for the Link Dawn, those beautiful glacial lakes are spectacular. I hope to paddle Morain Lake some day. It is almost legendary in my mind. There is a photographer on Flickr who has some great shots from this area. Let me see if I can find them... yes... here it is. You HAVE to check out these photos. Amazing...


  4. Is there still an active way in? Wanting to launch a small lake boat but when we drove in it didn’t seem accessible.

    1. Hi Riverquest 14, I have not been back since this visit. As I recall the drive in from the main road was getting very overgrown and the main had just been graded so there was a hump to get over. Almost a decade later, I expect, unless someone was deliberate about keeping it open, it could be subsumed in overgrowth. It wasn't far off the main at the time, within wheeling distance if you were wheeling a kayak or canoe in along a path...