Monday 12 April 2021

Visiting Somenos Lakes for Marsh Wrens

 A couple of weeks ago I visited Somenos Lake after a few years of not visiting. In fact the last visit that I recall was in 2010 when I visited with James and Saul. It was March 6th, and the Marsh Wrens were just in the beginning stages of nest building. Here is a photo from that trip.

I remember being amazed at how the marsh wrens would dart from nest to nest trying to attract a mate, like they were saying, "hey look at this one, check out the weave job here!"

I said I was going to return some day with a camera because it seemed like it would be easy to actually get a shot since they were really strutting their stuff. 

Fast forward 11 years and I finally made it!

I actually made 2 trips a couple of weeks apart in March, the first it was fairly cold and grey but the second was cold and sunny. The winning shot of the two trips was this photo:

Really captures their personality and stunning good looks. 

Check out the video I made of the trip:

I was really happy with the sunlit images from of the sweet gale too, and I think this was my favorite:

Such an amazing bit of wetland, so glad it is treasured and protected by local stewards. I'm sure the Marsh Wrens would add their voice to the gratitude song.