Sunday 5 September 2010

Fairy Lake

Fairy Lake Photo Album:


  1. Hey Richard, Fairy Lake looks like an amazing place. Is the single tree in the album growing on a downed tree or rock that jutts up at an angle? :)Brian(:

  2. Hi Brian,

    Yes, a "deadhead" log that must have been there awhile!


  3. THIS is absolutely beautiful...I feel as though I was there!
    I am a lover of canoe/kayaking in the semi-darkness...always ready to capture that perfect shot:)
    Wish I was at this Fairy Lake...
    (Thanks for stopping by my blog- I WILL be back here often...adding you to my blogroll now!):)

  4. Oh...and in regards to "my favorite thing to make/eat"? You aren't the only one who has asked for that recipe...I will put it up soon!
    Thanks for asking...but you may wish you never knew the's the reason I have to keep on running;)

  5. Thanks Dawn,

    Glad to hear you like dusk paddling. It does seem to be a special time of day on the water -- something about dark sky and dark water...and sunsets are always a bonus. :)

    I look forward to that recipe. James and I often stop on the way through Ladysmith for a giant cinnamon bun at the Old Town Bakery. Best on the island. Great way to start a day of paddling.

    I have never had much success with them at home, but hope springs eternal!

  6. Beautiful picture on the cover with the sunset. Nice scenery with the mountain and canopy of trees.