Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Whisper of a Canoe on a Wall

Well, tonight I will be having the Rambling Amblers and Paddlers over for pie and tea and I set up the camera and made sure I had a charged battery, and everything was in working order. I snapped a photo to check how it looked. and then I thought, "nice." I like my wall full of canoes.
Placid Boat Works Spitfire, Bluewater Mist, on a Talic Kayak Condo 3 (minus the middle racks)
I sit there at my desk most days, working away, and feel very blessed to have such a beautiful room to work in, and to listen to the silence of those two canoes. Well, they are mostly silent. They do whisper sometimes, and no it is not my tinnitus. It is that communication we receive from objects that we have spent time with, doing good things. I suppose it is some kind of neural manifestation of an unconscious desire, or something.

It is like a little voice, in the back of your head saying, "lets go paddling."  Such a good idea, but I have other things to do right now. "Soon. Very soon." I reassure the boats. Well, I reassure myself.