Saturday 23 July 2011

Placid Boatwork's Spitfire -- Ready for Service Again

In my last post I noted finding a crack in the gel coat of my Spitfire and so I took James up on his kind offer of his workshop to do some restoration on the little pack canoe.
The Crack
Repaired -- Yes there are carbon fibers close to the surface, but under a coat of gel.
Along with repairing the crack, I also used rubbing compound on some of the cosmetic scratches above the water line, and the entire bottom of the boat. Then I waxed the whole canoe with 3M 09009.

Then I sanded the decks and painted them, and the gunwales, with spar varnish.

First outing after her spa treatment

Look at those diamond wood decks!

Such a thing -- to paddle a work of art

It seemed to paddle faster too -- but perception is everything...

I just can't get over those beautiful diamond wood decks. ;-)

Time will tell how the varnish holds up on the gunwales, but for now they look great!


  1. That looks like a great makeover,the woodwork is ace :)

  2. That's one beautiful canoe.
    Well done on the restoration.

  3. You should put this one in a glass case.

  4. Wow. I've never seen pictures of your Spitfire closeup. What beautiful gunnels and other details. Look forward to seeing the 'new' canoe.

  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate the encouragement. Feels good to honour the wee boat with some attention. Like a family member, I can sometimes take this beautiful canoe for granted and it is good to stop and appreciate her for what she really is.

  6. With the diamond wood decks the canoe looks amazing really.

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