Sunday, 3 August 2014

Harewood Lake

Latitude/Longitude: N 49° 5' 58.70"   W 123° 57' 9.76" (49.09964, -123.95271)

Trip Dates: June 28, 2014

In my post on Nanaimo Urban Lakes I mentioned that I had not found a good place to put in on Harewood Lake. Thanks to the comments of two helpful commentors, I was able to find the place. They were right, it is indeed off of Godfrey Road just across from Fernwillow.

It looks like this:
Harewood Lake Put In

And once your are out on the lake looking back, it looks like this:
Harewood Lake Put-in From the Water

 I have to say my expectations were not high for this little lake. The coal tailings and access under the power line belie a gem of unusual beauty. This is a classic Vancouver Island wetland lake, surrounded by a fringe of sedges, rushes, and willows.
Wenonah Solitude (Same boat is now made by Clipper) on Harewood Lake

Paul and I and Molly made our way slowly around the lake, enjoying the reed banks, but also the long meandering wall of rock that forms the North Western shore of the lake. Near the put-in on this shore is a sign that says, "Island Wildlife Sanctuary, private Property, KEEP OUT. I tried to Google this sanctuary without finding anything. Does anyone know anything about this? Can people make donations to help keep this gem looking beautiful?

Just to the right of that platform at the top of the stairs is a little path that leads to unobtrusive diving board.
We made our way along the long sandstone shore admiring the high outcroppings and other features.

At the far end of the lake we stopped so I could experiment with paddles. (I wanted to order a new one) and will write a review of what I ended up buying.

And eat our lunch among the lilly pads.

Then we lazily cruised around the lake for awhile enjoying the tranquility and beauty.


  1. Nice companion who enjoyed your paddle too, nice dog. The lake does look very nice for a relaxing, leisure paddle, it has some vegetation. Good you found put in to the place.

  2. harewood lake is a great paddle, very peaceful and scenic. a couple of locals told us the property with the sign is owned by a cranky guy who yells at people to get off his lake. he does not own it though, and we were told to ignore him if confronted. there is no wildlife sanctuary, he put the sign up to deter people. also the diving board is now broken; i guess someone tried to use it!!

  3. thank you for your very informative site:)

  4. Thanks for the update Nancy! Too bad the property is not actually a wildlife sanctuary, sad to think that area might be developed at some point. I know there is a lot of development going on down slope from there. Glad to hear others are enjoying this little gem. Happy paddling!

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  10. Are there trails around this lake? I live relatively close and wouldn’t even know how to get there

    1. To my knowledge there are no trails around the lake, but I have not visited for several years. I recently asked a local about the "nature reserve" on the one side of the lake. He informed me that it is private property. So I would assume that means a trail would be unlikely.

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